bc place deflated

The BC Place is the central stadium for the 2010 Winter Olympic. It would host the opening and closing ceremony. It is also the largest air support dome in the world. Two fans operate 24 hours to pump air inside the dome, creating a higher pressure than outside, inflating it like a balloon.

On the day it collapsed, the wind was blowing at around 70MPH. But the wind didn't destroy the roof directly. It was the fan inside the dome. The wind created a temporary vacuum on the roof, causing he pressure to drop. Since the fans were controlled by the pressure sensor inside, it has no way of telling what the pressure was outside, so they continued to pump air into the dome. As a result the increasing pressing blew up the balloon, causing the roof to collapse (the source of this explanation is rather dubious, believe it at your own risk.)

It was supposed to be fixed today, but it was still deflated in the afternoon.

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