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Top Five Walks in Vancouver

I'm still working on the list, please visit often to see the new updates! Right now the "False Creek Loop" is pretty complete, click the link below to see details.

Suitable for: Any humanoid with two or more legs
Suitable Weather: prefertably sunny, if you are a frog, a duck or a fish, rainy days are also ok.
Suitable Season: prefertably spring or autumn (March to June and Sep to Oct), If you are a camel, do it in hot summer (July to Aug). If you are a penguine, you can also try the freezing winter (Dec to Feb).
1) False creek loop

This is probably the top choice of all the walks in Vancoolver City! You see everything, from shopping and theather hopping in Granville isalnd, to adventure in the Mars Lander in Space Center, to the advance technology of Science world, and don't f...

Sun 2006-10-01 17:39:46
 false creek loop
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2) Ambleside park

Ambleside park is the 2nd best walk in Vancouver, to the north, there's a beautiful seawalk along the coast, to the south you can walk to Lion Gate Bridge... *New photos added on Jan 27, 2007

Sat 2006-02-11 16:54:07
 ambleside park
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3) English bay

English Bay, easy to access, fantastic urban beauty. Nothing beat the autumn sunset in English Bay... (under construction, more details later...)

Sat 2002-04-20 19:47:27
 english bay 
4) Stanley park

Stanley Park is recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world! Vancouver's first park and one of the city's main tourist attractions, Stanley Park is an evergreen oasis of 400 hectares (1,000 acres) close to the downtown core.

Fri 2007-02-02 15:36:59
 stanley park 
5) Burnaby lake

Nobody pay Burnaby Park much attention, but it can be quite beautiful in early spring when the ducks and gooese teach their youngs to swim... (under construction, more details later...)

Sat 2001-06-16 14:42:32
 burnaby lake
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6) West end

The internationally renowned and vibrant heart of Vancouver's West End offer spectacular location close to Stanley Park, English Bay, Coal Harbour, Denman and Robson Streets and the city's top entertainment venues.

Fri 2007-02-02 13:49:54
 west end 
7) Delta dyke
Sun 2008-05-04 16:30:47
 delta dyke
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8) Pitt meadow dyke
Sun 2008-04-20 19:30:18
 pitt meadow dyke
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9) Spanish bank

Relax and walk along the beach, to the north, you walk to the Wreck Beach and join the nudies, to the south, you can walk all the way to Vanier Park and visit the Maritime Museum. (under construction, more details later...)

Sat 2006-04-22 17:20:05
 spanish bank 
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