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view--sulphur mountain in north vancouver
 Sulfur or sulphur is the chemical element that has the symbol S and atomic number 16. It is an abundant multivalent non-metal. Sulfur, in its native form, is a yellow crystalline solid. In nature, it can be found as the pure element and as sulfide and sulfate minerals. It is an essential element for life and is found in two amino acids, cysteine and methionine. Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers, but it is also widely used in gunpowder, matches, insecticides and fungicides. Elemental sulfur crystals are commonly sought after by mineral collectors for their brightly colored polyhedron shapes.

The sulfur is tored in West Vancouver for shipping to ports around the world
dateSat 2008-02-02 17:25:33
focal56.0mm (35mm equivalent: 91mm)
exposureaperture priority (semi-auto)
distantsame location as last photo
locationMap of "view--sulphur mountain in north vancouver"
size32250 bytes width600
height400 flashNo
aperturef/9.0 iso100
whitebalanceAuto latitudeN 49d 17m 53.124s
longitudeW 123d 7m 11.71s
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